Viceroy Group
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The Viceroy Group

Here’s A Little More About The Viceroy Group

Viceroy Coins LogoThe competition is run by The Viceroy Group which includes Viceroy Coin Company of the United Kingdom, The Numismatic Development Company and Viceroy Coin Art.

Viceroy Coins Company is a Coin company specializing in European Empires and American coinage. Jordan Lott is its CEO holding many world records for coins he has recently traded.

Viceroy Coin Art 2018 Competition - Documentary PilotThe Numismatic Development Company is currently producing a 6 part Coin Documentary which will show the history of coins from their beginning in approx. 800BC to present times.  Every coin ever made tells a story, be it by the image of the ruler or the image stamped on the reverse. Importantly the date sets the period in which the coin was struck and so reminds us of the history and politics of the time.

The documentary will also show how coins are made, show recent treasure finds and discuss coin collecting. A 45 minute Pilot episode has been made and features Sir Tony Robinson as the presenter. The Documentary is now in production and our goal is to have it shown across the world on major broadcasters in 2018.

Viceroy Coin Art is a competition to inspire art connected to coins and create beautiful and or provoking artworks. All artists chosen will be promoted through the VCA brand and given a chance on the world stage that may have eluded them. Artists are invited to visit our two retreats to create their art and interact with other artists, one being 16 Hectares of rustic beauty on the Canal du Midi in the South of France and the other a more commercial space in the southern Spanish resort town of Marbella.

Both the Coin Documentary and the Coin Art Competition are funded and run by The Viceroy Group to promote and raise awareness of Coins and the fascinating world of Coin Collecting.

Called “The Hobby of Kings, King of Hobbies” coin collecting is a huge industry with billions in sales but is followed by relatively few people.

Everyone in the world has a coin in their pocket but most of us have forgotten to ever even look at them a see their uniqueness and beauty. Most have a box or jar of old coins at home and wonder what they are worth. Is there a rare coin worth a fortune?

It is our aim to make the world look at coins and the beauty they hold.