About the Organisers
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About the Organisers

Who are the Players behind this Project?

Jordan Lott – CEO Of The Viceroy Group

Viceroy Coin Art 2018 Competition - Jordan Lott - CEO Of The Viceroy GroupBoth the Coin Art Competition and the Coin Documentary* are funded and run by Jordan Lott, CEO of The Viceroy Group, to promote and raise awareness of Coins and the fascinating world of Coin Collecting.

Called “The Hobby of Kings, King of Hobbies” coin collecting is a worldwide enterprise with an industry estimate of $3 BILLION annually in sales but collecting has dropped out of mass appeal.

Everyone in the world has a coin in their pocket but most of us have forgotten to ever even look at them, see their uniqueness and beauty. Most have a box or jar of old coins at home and wonder what they are worth. Is there a rare coin worth a fortune? Recent find of the classic “Vigo 5 Guinea” in a child’s pirate chest sold for £300,000

Jordan says: “My grandfather was a scary old goat but each year on my birthday he would give me a jar of coins he collected throughout the year. We would then, together, go through them looking for sets and any interesting coins. I do not remember any other time spent with Pop except for these special moments.

When I was approached at church some years ago by some major coin dealers to start Viceroy Coins, I immediately thought of Pop all those years ago and his coins. Coin collecting can be a family pastime. It can build a bridge between the young and the old and become a worthwhile lifetime passion. ”

It is our aim to invite or inspire the world look at coins and the beauty they hold and think about how coin collecting/investing may benefit them and their families.

* As this is such a major undertaking that funding for the documentary also comes from many other members of the Coin Industry from around the world and we thank them for their vision and support.