Children’s Competition
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Children’s Competition

by Viceroy Coin Art

Under 18’S Will Not Be Entered Into The Grand Prize

They will have Interim Judging in Two Age Brackets – Under 11 and Under 18.

The U18 Finalist will win a significant package of prizes in line with their age and promoted on the world stage.

In conjunction with the Coin Documentary, which is also promoting coin collecting to children, we have prepared merchandise including weekly magazines and collectables such as stickers and other coin fun activities for children.

Some of these include art challenges and so we will also have special information packages for children in the competition.

We hope that this would become a family affair as coin collecting can be so rewarding at so many levels and at any age. Passing of coins to the next generation can not only bring wealth but also bring generations together.

Jordan says “My grandfather was a scary old goat but each year on my birthday he would give me a jar of coins he collected throughout the year. We would then, together, go through them looking for sets and any interesting coins. I do not remember any other time spent with Pop except for these special moments. When I was approached at church some years ago by some major coin dealers to start Viceroy Coins, I immediately thought of Pop all those years ago and his coins. Coin collecting can be a family pastime. It can build a bridge between the young and the old and become a worthwhile lifetime passion. As a grandfather but also a father of a three year old, I cannot wait to see entries from imaginative younger minds.”

Children are eligible but with parental permission and have their own set of special T&C’s. Contact us now for more detailed information and Application Forms.