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Why Coins & Art?

Viceroy Coin Art 2018 Competition - Vigo Painting

Image of Vigo 5 Guinea coin with Battle of Vigo 1702 painted on it.

Long before the great masters created their famous artworks using wood or canvas and paint, there was art in the form of coins. Actually one of the world’s oldest art forms, the first great art works appeared on coins around 700 BC.

Coin Art does not deteriorate like their wood or canvas and painted cousins, they are indelible to the elements. In many ways coins they are far greater than all other art forms, because they alone are money.

Even more importantly, coins chronicle history better than any other source or object. The record book of history would be lost without coins in fact many Kings would be unknown today had it not been for their images found on ancient coins.

Even the world famous Cleopatra’s image is unknown to the world, except through her coins.

Coins, could therefore be said to be the most important of all art works.

Viceroy Coin Art 2018 Competition - Earliest Coin
It is the mission of VCA, to inspire artists to create art forms, be they simple in form or substantial and creative masterpieces, featuring coins or profiling the historical stories of coins to the world in any style or form and participate in our 1st Bi-Annual Coin Art Competition.

The 2018 Exhibition Theme:

Money “Good Bad Or Evil”

Viceroy Coin Art 2018 Competition - Coin HammerMoney has been necessary since trading began and although it suddenly allowed trade, commerce and expansion it also has brought great harm and destruction through avarice and greed.

I am asking artists to look for inspiration from a timeline perhaps starting with the creation of man in the Garden of Eden to today’s “non-appearance” of the Bitcoin. The competition open to everyone of any age to create an artwork which can be in any medium, style, format, without limit; however it must take its inspiration from a coin/coins. The Artwork should contain at least one coin or contain an image of a coin/s or portray a coin/s in some form or the historical story of the coin.

Viceroy Coin Art 2018 Competition - Coin DressIn September 2019 at our exhibition in London visitors will enter the 1st gallery through “Page Two of the Bible” in which it is written that “Gold is Good” and pass under the Tree of Life made entirely of coins.

Following rooms will depict the path from “Light to Darkness” and we hope that artists will create art to both depict the beauty of coinage and history but also question and challenge society and its love of money.

Some of the key words may be Politics, Empires, Civilisation, Kings & Queens, Commerce, Love but also Money-Lending, Hyper-Inflation, War, Famine, Banking, Recession, Monetary-Easing, Financial Collapse.

Viceroy Coin Art 2018 Competition - Coin BallEvery coin ever made tells a story, be it by the image of the ruler or the image stamped on the reverse. Importantly the date sets the period in which the coin was struck and so reminds us of the history and politics of the time.

Already Interested? Contact Us Right Now And We’ll Send You More Information Straight Away!

The Organisers:


Viceroy Coin Art 2018 Competition - Viceroy Coins Logo

The competition is run by The Viceroy Group which includes Viceroy Coin Company of the United Kingdom, The Numismatic Development Company & Viceroy Coin Art.

Viceroy Coins Company is a Coin company specializing in European Empires and American coinage. Jordan Lott is its CEO holding many world records for coins he has recently traded.

It is our aim to make the world look at coins and the beauty they hold.

We’re Counting Down To The Date And Venue Announcement!

There has been lots of interest shown already and we can’t wait to announce the exact date and venue where the exhibition will be held in 2020.

What Will Inspire Your Work Of Art?

Get Inspired By Browsing Though A Few Stories That Connect Coins With Historical Events. Some Might Even Surprise You!